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Bob Davis Construction offers professionally constructed and beautifully finished room additions to any existing residential or commercial property. Fair pricing, staying on budget and keeping on time are trademarks Bob Davis takes pride in.  Remodeling can mean many things. Whether your plan is to remove everything and add all new components for your remodel project or to leave certain elements in place, the need for expert planning, advice and consultation is critical. Everything that lasts is built on a solid foundation. The foundation is more than a concrete slab. It is all the ground work that is performed first, the right mixture of ingredients and following proper processes. Bob Davis Construction adheres to best practices and guidelines on every project. Part of the overall process that often gets overlooked is the building trust. Bob Davis was taught by his father to be trustworthy in every aspect of his life and business dealings. Bob Davis Construction is a company you can count on to be honest, fair and up front from your first call.

Roof System Types

 Roof systems are generally placed in one of two categories: Low-Slope and Steep-Slope systems. Slopes less than or equal to 14 degrees are Low Slope and roof systems exceeding 14 degrees are Steep-Slope.
Low-Slope Roofing Types are built-up roof, metal panel, polymer bitumens sheet membranes, single-ply membranes and spray polyurethane systems. Weather-proofing, reinforcement & surfacing are the three main components.
Steep-Slope Roofing Asphalt, clay, concrete shingles, metal roof, slate, wood shakes/shingles and synthetic shingles are used in steep-slope roofing. Roof deck, underlayment and roof covering are three main components.
Is Your Roof Leaking? Ignoring that pesky "little" leak in your roof can well end up costing a huge amount of money if not repaired correctly and in a timely fashion. Not repairing a roof leak can cause damage to attic contents, interior ceiling sheet rock and ultimately cause mold or roof deck rot to occur which is very costly. 

siding | additions

Important Things To Know About Room Additions

You need permits to build, that is the law. Bob Davis Construction is licensed and insured in the State of Oklahoma and know exactly what to do for whatever your construction needs are. D-I-Y may be acceptable for some things, but for others, like construction, you may not know what you are in for. In order to be in compliance with State and City laws and ordinances, following the proper procedures and protocols requires, at the least, prudence and more accurately, a certain amount of expertise. Bob Davis Construction is well versed in everything necessary to make your project successful.

Horizontal Lap Siding
Horizontal lap siding can be made from a number of types of materials including wood, aluminum, vinyl or fiber cement. Also, the colors and finishes are numerous as well.

Wood Strip Siding
Wood strip siding is one of the more expensive options available and the cost is dependent on the type of wood used. It is also necessary to install a waterproof membrane behind the siding.

Brick, Stone, Stucco
These materials are perhaps the most prevalent of siding applications and their properties, cost and maintenance vary greatly also. Bob Davis Construction can take your dream and make it reality.

decks | patios

Redwood Decks
The plus side to choosing redwood for your deck material is that it is easy to work with, naturally rot and insect resistant and it is rugged enough to avoid warping & splitting.

Cedar Decks
Cedar decks are a great choice in that they resist moisture, rot and insect infestation. When left untreated weathering causes the cedar to turn a silvery gray, however, stain and sealer preserves the natural look.

Composite Decks
Composite materials are now available that won't warp, split, change color with weathering or time and will last for a very long time. Composite materials are fairly expensive compared to some lumbar.


Stained Concrete
Applying concrete stain to a concrete floor is a fantastic way to end up with a beautiful floor that is very cost effective and incredibly durable. Bob Davis Construction is expert at creating your one-of-a-kind floor.

Stamped Concrete
Stamped concrete is another popular option for creating beautiful patterns on interior home floors as well as exterior patios, walkways, driveways and decks. Stamping concrete simulates wood, brick, tile & more.

Concrete Overlays
Concrete overlays are a great way to give that brand new look to any concrete that is structurally sound. Overlays can also be stamped or decorative giving your project a unique, cost effective face lift.

How To Protect Your Significant Investment

Preventing Cracks in Concrete
Concrete control joints are commonly used to prevent cracking in slabs and floors. There are basically three types of control joints used to them; isolation, contraction and construction joints. Concrete shrinks and expands and slabs and buildings move. Bob Davis Construction is your concrete expert.

Concrete Sealers
Curing and sealing concrete properly will help protect, strengthen and enhance the appearance of your project for many years. Knowing which products are best suited for your particular project requires do a significant amount of homework, or you can just call Bob Davis Construction.